"On their new ENTANGLEMENT EP, the band from Queens, NYC proves themselves a worthy player in a genre that defies standard classification, one the band themselves have dubbed 'Progtechjazzmacore'. Like BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME and CANDIRIA before them, FOTA manage to seamlessly walk the fine line between beauty and chaos, but they bring something else to the table that few (if any) bands in this realm can claim to hold... soul."


"Entanglement, the debut EP by the Queens band who calls their style progtechjazzmacore, is a fine display of a young band that has in some ways found their niche in fusing noodly tech metal — prone to spastic guitar freakouts — to funk and latin-infused rhythms. The proof is in the final product; the way that they’re able to transition back and forth sounds effortless, and they have a pretty good understanding of melody and how to make it all work within the context of the heavier moments. This is helped further by Ray Hodge’s soulful vocals, which are unique and original compared to a great number of heavy bands that incorporate clean vocals. It doesn’t hurt that he can really belt out some varied screams as well."


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